Kin, Part 1: High Men

It's really funny, my groups tell me I don't know how to shut up but ask me to speak to a faceless audience, even for my own benefit and...

So if anyone is reading these, forgive me. I assure you I am a far better conveyor of my thoughts in person.

So lets start at the top, the High Men!

High Men

My high men are two powerful tribes of men who, if you believe them, have the blood of heroes and giants flowing in their veins. A people that have warred, loved, betrayed and finally allied with each other to bring about an age of peace.

So I'm going to break this down to three short descriptive parts. What the VsD core says High Men are (very brief) and then a short description of the Aesir/Vanir to replace the flavour of the core book.

Corebook: The High Men are the last survivors of an ancient Mannish Kin, obviously our Dunedain homage. Also my favourite kin! 

So the immediate difference here is the High Men are at the end of their game. Still about but no longer what they once were. Now;

The Aesir, high men of Asgard, are stalwart guardians of Yggdrasil,. With chiseled features, fair skin, and flowing hair ranging from golden to fiery red, they exude regal strength. Adorned in ornate armor, they wield weapons forged by dvergar craftsmen, proudly bearing scars as marks of their warrior prowess.

Their presence commands respect, yet their hearts are bound to the ancestors and traditions of their people. Rituals and ceremonies honor their divine ancestors, echoing their deep reverence for creation.

Beyond their martial prowess, the Aesir embody valor, loyalty, and kinship, steeped in a rich cultural heritage. As legendary heroes, they stand as beacons of hope amidst the encroaching darkness, ready to defend their realm and the greater continent of Yggdrasil.

The Vanir, akin to their Aesir brethren, are noble high men from Vanaheim. With softer contours and radiant, sun-kissed complexions ranging from warm olive to gentle bronze, they exude an elegant grace. Their eyes reflect the depth of nature's beauty, while locks of coloured wheat and honey cascade down their backs.

Adorned in attire woven with intricate motifs inspired by flora and fauna, the Vanir embody a profound connection to the natural world. Their weapons, equally formidable, bear designs evocative of the flourishing life they protect.

Valorous and loyal like their Aesir counterparts, the Vanir also possess a deep affinity for nature, magic, and healing arts. As guardians of Vanaheim's fertile lands, they stand as champions of harmony and balance, ready to defend their kingdom and the continent of Yggdrasil against encroaching shadows.

I think that works, simple description of both with subtle differences to make them differ in roleplay, and at this level it should be subtle. Culture, history and religion are a topic for separate posts.

So our high men here are at the height of their power and accomplishments, they rule or at least dominate the other races. 

Mechanically the traits from the core book represent them well, strong, sturdy with a notable presence.

Suggested cultures from the core are Noble, City, or Seafaring and I'm good with that but might suggest Fey as an alternate to City for the Vanir. Something to think on as I get deeper into who they are, I have a desire to have the Vanir holdings be a bit different from the Aesir.

Hmm, keeping to my intent of changing as little as possible means these posts are more world building thoughts and I'm happy with that. A few lines in and I'm already picturing the Vanir as skilled animists. The Aesir champions are perhaps calling on their ancestors for aid. And that's another point, although not gods in this setting I think I'm seeing them as ancestor worshippers calling on Bors, Buri and Bestla (will need to make a few up!)). I'll think more on vocations later and particularly how to use descriptive rather than mechanical changes to make the magic feel right.

My high men were always going to be easy as I already had a very clear picture of them in my mind and for all that they were "gods" in our world the Aesir and Vanir were reflections of those who worshiped them. Very human and easy to portray as such in a fantasy imagining.


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