Kin, Part 1: High Men

It's really funny, my groups tell me I don't know how to shut up but ask me to speak to a faceless audience, even for my own benefit and... So if anyone is reading these, forgive me. I assure you I am a far better conveyor of my thoughts in person. So lets start at the top, the High Men! High Men My high men are two powerful tribes of men who, if you believe them, have the blood of heroes and giants flowing in their veins. A people that have warred, loved, betrayed and finally allied with each other to bring about an age of peace. So I'm going to break this down to three short descriptive parts. What the VsD core says High Men are (very brief) and then a short description of the Aesir/Vanir to replace the flavour of the core book. Corebook : The High Men are the last survivors of an ancient Mannish Kin, obviously our Dunedain homage. Also my favourite kin!  So the immediate difference here is the High Men are at the end of their game. Still about but no longer what they onc

The Ash Burns

Inspiration strikes like the hammer of Thor, I knew I wanted to run Against the Darkmaster for my Wednesday group but little more. Then a poster at suggested that Odin was the Darkmaster, from there excitement and inspiration have spilled in equal portions! I'm not looking to retell the Norse Eddas beat for beat nor have a game of superhero god figures, instead its a place where everything is familiar just not the same. The continent of Yggdrasil sits under it's own stars and floats on a vast ocean filled with great sea serpents. After centuries of war the Aesir and Vanir have found piece and ally against their enemies the Jotun tribes and monstrous beasts of the world. In a time when the high men should be ascendent however high lord Odin has whispered words of Doom. It sates itself on the life-blood   of fated men, paints red the powers' homes   with crimson gore. Black become the sun's beams   in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous.   Do you sti